November 12, 2014 at 12:00 PM

QE+ Side Low Res.jpgDr Mark Dickman was recently awarded funding for a new mass spectrometer as part of the BBSRC Advanced Life Sciences Research Technology initiative. The proposed instrument will underpin an extensive portfolio of current BBSRC funded research across the Faculties of Engineering and Science, demonstrating the huge value of the equipment. Moreover, this will facilitate new and novel research opportunities and new impacts within industrial biotechnology, synthetic biology, and world leading bioscience

The instruments unique features, allow for targeted quantification of peptides, small molecules and nucleic acids and delivers high throughput, targeted quantitation combined with high-resolution accurate-mass data, that will accelerate our academic and industrial research.

Dr Mark Dickman stated “The new instrument will be a critical asset in the recently established Advanced Biomanufacturing Centre (ABC); underpinning research associated with biomanufacturing and bioprocess development. This will enable a step change in the biological MS workflows and analytical capability for regional users, beyond current through-put and quantitation limitations”

BBSRC Grant BB/M012166/1 – ‘Mass spectrometry underpinning synthetic biology, industrial biotechnology and world class bioscience’ PI Dr Mark Dickman, CIs Prof Jeff Green, Prof Neil Hunter FRS, Prof D James, Prof P Sudberry, Dr S Vaidyanathan, Prof S Wilson, Prof P Wright.